Karen Lamark Wilson MC, NCTMB

My Purpose
To help cultivate a more sensitive way of being that awakens holistic thinking and compassionate interconnectedness.

My Path
Weaving awareness of and respect for the deep feminine into the heart of the world.

Who I Am
I have always been a Lover of Movement, Touch, Change and Words. A dedicated lifelong learner, I am open and fluid, mystified by the excitement of living a life of light and shadow, connection and creativity. Raised in Arizona and California, I am happiest surrounded by open space, vast sky and any form of water. My greatest teacher has always been the body – our fascinating integration of liquid-electric networks of awareness and memory, rhythms and cycles, pleasure and pain, thought and regeneration. I’m enthralled by healing capacities and energy forces that pulse and dance through everything. As an evolutionary artist my work is to make artful evolution irresistible.

How I Serve

  • Guide for Creative Self-Discovery and Transformation
  • BodyMind Counselor and Communication Consultant
  • Zero Balancing Practitioner and Massage Therapist
  • Writer, Poet and long-term Meditator and Qi Gong Practitioner
  • Private Sessions, Trainings, Seminars and Retreats in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA since 1980