Karen Lamark Wilson MC, NCTMB

I have a broad multi-discipline background as an exercise physiologist, educational counselor, shaman/therapist, master body-worker, dream specialist, author, poet, story-teller, business owner and enthusiastic teacher/mentor. Friends refer to me as a “walking workshop.”

I’ve been a life-long student of that magical moving point where psyche and matter meet. Carl Jung, Buckminster Fuller, Charlotte Selver, Candace Pert and mythology are among my favorite influences. I’ve meditated faithfully for 28 years, play the guitar a little, sing a lot, and swim or hike whenever I can. I love African dance but have not ventured back into performing since I broke my leg a couple of years ago. I’m happy to be Mom to two wonderful adult children (three including my son-in-law). Privately, I’m in the constant throes of healing from the loss of my beloved husband, Mark, who passed last year.

In 1972, receiving a diagnosis of scleroderma and the dire prognosis of possibly 6-18 months to live, I was pushed into an adventure I never would have consciously chosen. With the humbling goal to heal myself I began searching out information and people from various countries with diverse knowledge and skills. This journey ignited an on-going curiosity, gratitude and penchant for leading others to their own healing and happiness.

I worked with many of the “greats” in the Human Potential Movement and continue to work with amazingly gifted healers. All this experience gives me a rich background for enhancing psycho-spirituality, self-esteem, well-being and health. I’ve become expert at slipping back and forth between dimensions of being by using highly expanded sensory awareness to “read” other people and the beyond-human environment. The truth is, we all do this all the time but most people just aren’t aware of their own natural capacities or haven’t developed their skills of awareness. YOU CAN LEARN TO DO THIS TOO!

Synthesizing indigenous wisdom and modern science, I focus on the interplay of awareness, communication and relationship…because at the depth of reality, that’s all that exists. I help people develop their ability to sense and read “second” attention.

As modern science and the Ancients tell us, the cosmic void is not empty, but pregnant with infinite possibilities. The actuality of our moment-to-moment material existence relies upon and manifests out of constantly flowing electromagnetic waves as they intersect and pass through one another. This is the basic process for bringing that which was formerly non-manifest into being.

So, Birth, constant birth, on every imaginable level in every imaginable space at all time – that’s what Nature is. During each and every instant we are reborn in multiple ways. Our bodies and minds exist at the birthplace of matter, at the interplay of streams of potential. All atoms – including those in our bodies – are 99.9% space and each “space” is accompanied by a little information. How to sense, focus, calm, activate and utilize thinking to influence and regulate this information for healthy happy living sits at the core of the services I provide and the classes I teach.