Karen Lamark Wilson – Blue Heart Empowerment Within Heart of Courage

Click to hear Karen reading “For Every Woman” from her book Heart of Courage: Healing Words for Every Woman

Women Have Two Hearts

Your red-heart (chest) pulses to life’s universal rhythm. Your deep-heart vibrates with ancient cycles of fluid creativity and resonates with embodied wisdom.

Come. Learn. Listen in new ways. What you discover can change your life.

You Are Invited…

  • to enter your own beautiful “Heart of Courage”
  • to trust your womb-heart to discover ancient and new scientific truths about intuition, creativity and deep listening
  • to learn how to gently heal your connection to your authentic feminine self without judgment, criticism or shame
  • to empower your woman’s journey by releasing confidence that has become trapped below the story of your everyday life

You are Encouraged…

  • to experience empowering body-mind healing processes
  • to enjoy deep connecting relationships with others and yourself
  • to transform your perception of communication

“For all us women
who’ve lost our lives
in total or in part
we knew
we’d lost our voices
when we didn’t
speak our hearts”

Helping you connect with others without losing yourself »